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Born and raised in Milan, North of Italy. Samuele started cooking with his grandparents at the age of 5, standing on a chair to reach the oven. His passion for quality produce came from growing up on local farms surrounded by chickens, cows, fresh vegetables and herbs, picking mushrooms with his father in the forest, making honey in artesian factory and cooking in a family restaurant. After attending the famous Italian culinary college “ E.MAGGIA” in Stresa (Italy) and gaining a wealth of experience at various Hotels and Michelin-Starred restaurants with star Italian chefs like Paolo Lopriore, Pino Cuttaia and Fabio Barbaglini; earning 2 more degrees in culinary arts from “Etoile Academy” in Venice. At 25 years old, he decided to attend Alma the world renowned school of Italian cuisine under the direction of Gualtiero Marchesi. Samuele took the decision to expand his International experience; joined Carluccio’s and took over as Concept Chef for a restaurant chain and look after 8 kitchens across the Middle East. Samuele’s managerial skill was completed with the experiences in Q-Gourmet as Director of Culinary and Concept Development looking after 30 kitchens across the UAE and 1 central production with catering and banqueting. He handled the GCC operation of Bateel International with 30 restaurants across Middle East operating in Dubai, AbuDhabi, Doha, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and supported Mohamad Hilal Group in developing new “food boutique” concepts and creating modern twisted dishes of Emirati cuisine. In the last 10 years, he did the openings of 39 restaurants in the Middle East. Samuele brings exceptional management skills and culinary experience combined with food safety management and has held positions in all culinary areas in front and behind the scenes at traditional and modern venues in Europe and Asia, enjoys cooking culinary classics with modern techniques and never stops evolving.

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Executive Coaching

One-on-one coaching program for your executives, providing a tangible investment in the development of your business leaders.

concept development

Developing a concept may take time, but it is extremely important for the success of your business to define your concept clearly, test it rigorously and avoid making assumptions about the product’s feasibility.


Gives your operations the skills and mentality needed to rally your organization and clobber the competition. It builds confidence and proficiency. Educates and informs your entire staff so they can be knowledgeable in preparing and selling your products.


You are opening a restaurant and need to design a kitchen or want to renovate an existing one? With 20 years of experience in culinary business we can help you to avoid usual mistake in drawing taking in consideration the ergonomic kitchen design, energy efficiency, the appropriate size of the commercial site, equipment for the commercial kitchen that meets all the standards of health and safety.

mystery dining

Looking to take control of your guest experience and drive sales? Get a detailed audit report from MystryLux.

operating manuals

Not only does an operations manual save you from relying too much on individual employees, it also serves to guide and reinforce the training of new employees and allows for the self-taught, cross training of existing employees. What’s more, if you are considering selling your business, an operations manual can reinforce or even increase your asking price, as it will foster a smooth transition to new management.


After years of experiences around the world, we are able to customize the detailed requirement for your concept. We are enjoying creativity with touch of unique look and feel. 


Workshops can help improve your business performance, profit and staff morale.

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